• PRHS Distance Learning Details (Grades 7-12)

    Update 9-11-20


    Distance Learners Update-Grades 7-12

    Pick up/drop off materials/school work


    (Distance Learners AND/OR those using strictly paper copies)

    Location: High School Commons 1 (Door #1)

    Mondays from 3:00- 6:00 pm


    Tuesdays from 7:00-7:40 am

    Teachers will notify distance learners when they need to stop in to pick up and/or drop off supplemental material

    Students who are distance learners without internet should stop in every week to:

    • pick up any new work or supplies
    • drop off work from the previous week


    Update 8-26-20

    School will look different than it did last spring.

    There will be a variety of learning models based on the COVID-19 trends in our area:

    • In-person Learning (at school)
      • 4 days/week physically in the classroom getting instruction Periods 1-7


    • Hybrid Learning (students in grades 7-12 will begin the school year in this learning model)
      • 2 days/week physically in the classroom getting instruction Periods 1-7
      • 2 days/week at home virtually in the classroom (via Zoom) Periods 1-7


    •  Distance Learning (virtual from home)
      • 4 days/week virtually in the classroom (via Zoom) Periods 1-7
      • Devices will be distributed prior to the start of school (details will be posted on the District website).
      • This learning option is available to families throughout the school year regardless of what learning model the District is in.
      • Students may change to/from distance learning during academic breaks (quarterly for PRHS students). Exceptions need approval from building principals.


    Expectations for grade 7-12 students in all learning models:

    • All students will have the same class schedule and receive the same instruction each day whether they are learning at school or from home.
    • All classes will be taught virtually so students learning from home can ‘attend live’ via Zoom.
    • All students will be required to attend their classes, participate in discussions and complete assignments each day.
    • Daily attendance will be taken for all students and regular attendance policies will apply.
    • Class attendance and participation will be 25% of the class grade.


    There will be technology sessions the first week of school for all students designed to help them learn to:

    • operate in Google Classroom (including how to access and turn in assignments).
    • contact teachers using Google Hangout.
    • log on to Zoom (video communications) for virtual (from home) learning.


    Daily Class Schedule (for all learning models)


    Period 1               7:55 -   8:55 am

    Period 2               8:59 -   9:55 am

    Period 3               9:59 - 10:55 am

    Period 4             10:59 - 11:55 am (Sr. High)

    Period 4             11:29 - 12:25 pm (Jr. High)

    Period 5             12:29 -  1:25 pm

    Period 6               1:29 -  2:25 pm

    Period 7               2:29 -  3:25 pm



    The following forms need to be completed:



    Once the forms are completed and submitted to the office you will be able to pick-up your device at the Pelican Rapids High School (front of building) on Wednesday, September 2, from 12:00-7:00pm. If you are unable to pick it up on this day please contact Emily Evenson (contact information below).

    If you do not have access to the internet for Distance Learning and/or printing the Enrollment Form and Distance Learning Contract please call or email Emily Evenson to set up paper copy pick-up/drop-off. eevenson@vikes.us or 218-863-5910 x4445