• Pelican Rapids School Fund

    The mission of the grant program of the Pelican Rapids School Fund is to provide financial support on projects which will provide and enhance educational opportunities for students of Independent School District (ISD) 548, thus making a positive impact on our community and world.
    The primary source of income for the Pelican Rapids School Fund is the annual Viking Gala.  This evening of celebration includes a meal, games, and the Pelican Rapids Schools Hall of Fame and Honor Roll Inductions. Visit the Viking Gala website or PR Viking Gala Facebook page for more information.

    Pelican Rapids School Fund Advisory Board

    • Jessica Fahje
    • Sean Fitzsimmons
    • Brian Korf
    • Brian Mancini, Secretary
    • Lloyd Nelson
    • Brenda Olson
    • Bob Satterlie, Chairperson
    • Phil Stotesbery
    • Becky Wontor

    The Component Fund operates under the umbrella of the West Central Initiative (WCI). It receives donations from individuals, families, businesses, units of government and charitable organizations. These funds are invested and managed by the WCI, and a portion of the investments are made available each year through this grant application process to respond to community needs and aspirations. 

    Questions about the PR School Fund grant application process can be directed to Brian Mancini, Secretary at 701-261-4991 or brian_mancini@live.com or to Bob Satterlie, Chairperson at bobsatterlie@loretel.net