• Welcome Students and Families

    This website will be used to help centralize issues you may have with your child's district-issued device.


    Have you restarted your device? Restarting your device can fix many issues. Before you submit a ticket, make sure you have completely restarted your machine.

    • Student Laptops:
      1. Click the Windows button in the lower-left corner.
      2. Hover over the Power icon.
      3. Click Restart.
    • Student iPads:
      1. Press and hold either volume button (right side of iPad) and the top button until the power off slider appears.
      2. Drag the slider, then wait 30 seconds for your device to turn off.
      3. To turn your device back on, press and hold the top button until you see the Apple logo.

    Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Laptop Operating Properly:

    • Device Will Not Turn On: Occasionally you might encounter a situation where your laptop will not turn on. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds (until the light turns off). Let go, and proceed to press the power button again. In about 10-15 seconds you will see the device begin to boot. Occasionally, your device must be plugged in for this to work. 
    • Keyboard or Trackpad is Not Working: Do a hard reset of your computer. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Let go, and press the power button again. When your computer reboots it should be working properly.
    • WiFi Connection: To use your laptop on the Internet outside of school, you will need to make sure you are connected to the internet. The WiFi options are on the lower right corner of your main screen. Click on WiFi, and select the WiFi network you wish to connect to. If you are not seeing the correct network, please restart your device and look again.
    • Laptop Not Charging: Double check that all parts of your charger are plugged in. Sometimes the wire that attaches to the block gets loose. Make sure the charger is firmly plugged into the laptop.
    • Laptop is Slow: Occasionally your laptop may run slow. Try the following:
      • Check how many files you have saved on the desktop: We recommend that you save as much as possible on your Google Drive.
      • Close some of your tabs in Google: Having several open will slow your computer down.
      • Restart: Hold the power button for 30 seconds. Let go, then press it again. 

    Tips and Tricks to Keep Your iPad Operating Properly:

    • Connect to WiFi: Tap the Settings icon > Tap Wi-Fi > Confirm that Wi-Fi is set to On > Choose your network from the list provided> Enter your network's password if you're prompted and tap Join.
    • Close Running Apps: Double-click the Home button to show everything that’s currently open and running. To close an app that’s not working properly or that you no longer need, just flick it upwards to close it.
    • Take a screenshot: Press the Home (round circle on bottom) and Sleep/Wake (top of iPad) buttons simultaneously and you’ll hear a click. The screenshot is automatically added to your Photos library. Students may need to take a screenshot of work they have completed.


Still Having Issues? Submit a Ticket: