Welcome to the Pelican Rapids High School (PRHS)

    The activities and curriculum programs at PRHS have been designed to challenge students of all interests and abilities in Grades 7-12. We encourage our students to get involved! See our Activities web page for the Academic, Arts and Athletic programs offered in our district.


  • PRHS Dean of Students

    For the past twenty-eight years, I have been a teacher, coach, and advisor here at the Pelican Rapids High School. The 2020-2021 school year finds me moving out of the classroom into a newly created Dean of Students position.

    New challenges are a part of everyone’s life and the issues we are facing in the educational world as a result of COVID-19 definitely shines brightly. Having all of our students in the classroom in a safe learning environment is the ultimate goal. However, the reality is that we will most likely fluctuate between hybrid and distance learning with the hope that the classrooms will, one day, be full again.

    As this school year presents challenges for students, parents, families, teachers and staff, our ability to survive and thrive may be best served by focusing on one week, one day or one moment at a time. It is important to understand that we have the ability to control our mindset/attitude and to remember that we can do this together!


    This year the partnership our school has with students, families, and the community is more important than ever. We have the opportunity to model a positive mindset to our youth and teach them how to overcome tough moments while still making great strides to be better than the day before. To help ensure the best educational experience during these times we will look to:

    • Students to take greater responsibility for their education by attending and participating in classes (in school or virtually at home), completing assignments, and letting others know if they need help.
    • Parents/guardians to take an even more active role in holding their children accountable for attending all classes (at school or virtually at home) and for completing the schoolwork they are given.
    • Teachers and staff to continue looking for ways to best serve our students as they battle through the challenges of technology and the daunting task of teaching with students in their classrooms, online, and also providing an education for those who have no internet access.
    • Parents, students, and staff to all be patient with each other during the challenges of constant change.

    Let’s Do This! Go Vikings!

    Doug Bruggeman



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