• Our art, music, and theatre programs provide a wide range of opportunities for our students. Visual arts courses in Ceramics & Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, and AP Art allow exploration of creative interests without leaving campus.

    Performances in the areas of solo, small ensemble, festival, pep band, jazz ensemble, and concert band are enjoyed by our parents and community members at various public events and school activities. Students can explore, create, and record music through technology using Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) recording software in our AP Music Production and Songwriting course. As a member of the Viking choir, students have numerous opportunities to perform vocal music in high school choral concerts, community performances, regional and state competitions, and music festivals.

    Participation on our speech team enables students to explore areas of serious or humorous interpretation, original or non-original oratory, storytelling, discussion, extemporaneous reading, or speaking. Theatrical performances in our state-of-the-art Fine Arts Auditorium include a Fall play (which is a musical every other year) and a One Act Play.

    Activity fees apply to Knowledge Bowl, Math Teams, Speech, & Theatre.