• What is an E-Learning Day?

    E-Learning Days will be used to make up some snow days. The first 2 snow days are built into the 2023-24 school calendar. Snow days 3-7 will be E-Learning Days at home.

    Attendance will be taken on E-Learning Days.

    On an E-Learning Day, teachers will post activities on:

    • Seesaw (Elementary)
    • Google Classroom (High School) & Google Chat (to communicate with teachers)
    • Email (High School)

    Teachers will be available during the instructional day to answer questions.

    • Available does not mean the teacher will be on live video all day
    • Available means they can be reached via email or might host a virtual meeting students can join

    E-Learning is NOT Distance Learning 

    • If your student does not have access to materials or the internet, he or she will be allowed to make up any required work once class is resumed
    • Remember most classes will not be “live” on the internet on an E-Learning day. Some teachers may choose to use Google Meet or Zoom to answer questions or get students started, but this is not a requirement.