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    We are starting Preschool registration for the 2020-21 school year.
    Please note: we are still accepting registrations but are currently near capacity. Once your registration is submitted, Terra Fitzsimmons will contact you with details.

    Viking Preschool Registration/Enrollment forms can be found on the Parent/Student Resources page
    Questions: contact Terra Fitzsimmons, ECFE and School Readiness Teacher/Coordinator at 218-863-5910 x5393 or tfitzsim@vikes.us

    Also listed are our Preschool Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) for ages 4/5.

    They are an indicator of what we are working on at school and how the home link is supporting their learning!

    Parent Aware

    The Pelican Rapids district preschool programs have been approved for another Parent Aware Four Star Rating! This is the highest rating possible and is valid for two years! 

    Parent Aware

    What is ECFE?


    Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is a program for all Minnesota families with children between the ages of birth to kindergarten entrance. The program is offered through Minnesota public schools. ECFE is based on the idea that the family provides a child's first and most significant learning environment and parents are a child's first and most important teachers. ECFE works to strengthen families. ECFE's goal is to enhance the ability of all parents to provide the best possible environment for their child's learning and growth.Registrations for ECFE classes are mailed out in the fall, winter, and spring in the District Newsletter - Community Education section and will also be posted on our Viking Preschool and ECFE Facebook page. You can contact Terra Fitzsimmons or Megan King at 218-863-5910 ext. 5393 with any questions.




    • Terra Fitzsimmons - ECFE and School Readiness Teacher/Coordinator
    • Megan King - ECFE Educator & Viking Preschool Teacher
    • Kimberly Hernandez - Classroom Assistant & Spanish Translator
    • Tami Hanson - Classroom Assistant
    • Mindy Peterson - Classroom Assistant
    • Janet Woolever - Child Care/Family Home Visitor