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  • Our FREE programs with licensed teachers are available to district residents include:

    • Ages 3-4: Each week, students enjoy hands-on activities that teach math, literacy, art, social, play, and fine motor skills development. Morning or afternoon classes are offered two days a week.
    • Ages 4-5: Each week, students prepare for kindergarten using the curriculum that correlates to Viking Elementary K-6 models. Morning or afternoon classes are offered five days a week.
    • Parent Aware Four-Star Rating: Viking Preschool continues to earn the highest rating available for quality early education programs. 

    Our staff is committed to preparing all children for success as they enter kindergarten. Kindergarten Readiness is based on the support children must have in place to foster the development of their own unique characteristics, knowledge, and skills that equip them for optimal school success. This includes the essential ingredients of physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. Children need every one of these essential elements to help them prepare for a successful and seamless transition from the early learning years to kindergarten and beyond.

    We recognize children's success in school is based on a multitude of factors. Kindergarten (school) readiness refers to not only ready children, but ready communities, families, schools, and early care and education programs. The essential elements to children's success in school are:

    • Ready schools and early care and education programs provide services to enhance the health, safety, economic stability, development, and learning of all children and their families.
    • Ready families who know how to support their own children's learning and have access to adequate resources.
    • Ready children who bring their own unique characteristics, skills, experiences, and are filled with curiosity and an eagerness to learn.
    • Ready communities provide services to enhance the health, safety, economic stability, development, and learning of all children and their families.
  • Terra Fitzsimmons
    ECFE and Preschool Readiness Teacher/Coordinator
    218.863.5910 x5393
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    2023-24 CLASSES

    Ages 3-4 Preschool (age 3 by Sept. 1)

    • Tuesdays/Thursdays OR Wednesdays/Fridays
    • 8:00-11:15am OR 11:45-3:00pm

    Ages 4-5 Pre-Kindergarten (age 4 by Sept. 1)

    • Monday-Friday
    • 8:00-11:15am OR 11:45-3:00pm

    Viking Preschool Staff

    • ECFE & School Readiness Teacher/Coordinator: Terra Fitzsimmons
    • ECFE Educator & Viking Preschool Teacher: Megan King
    • Viking Preschool Teacher: Sharalyn Snavely
    • Early Childhood Paraprofessionals:
      • Tara Brinkley
      • Tami Hanson
      • Adriana Jenkins
      • Hailey Peasley
      • Mindy Peterson
      • Maddie Thompson