• Early Childhood Screening

    The early childhood years from birth to kindergarten are an important time of rapid learning and growth. Early Childhood Screening is a free and simple check of how your child is growing, developing, and learning. Screening at age 3 is preferred, but a child may be screened between the ages of 3 and the start of kindergarten as required by law. For more information, click here.

    There are three purposes for Early Childhood Screening:

    1. To promote healthy development.
    2. To identify children who may need further evaluation.
    3. To connect families to resources in the community.

    What to expect at a screening appointment:

    • Vision and hearing
    • Height and weight
    • Immunizations (shots)
    • Large and small muscles
    • Thinking, language, and communication skills
    • Social and emotional development

    What to bring to a screening appointment:

    • Any questions you have about your child's growth & development
    • Your child's immunization record (shots)
    • Your child's primary health care provider (doctor) name and phone number

    Where to schedule a screening appointment

    Your child may be screened through Early Childhood Education Programs at the Pelican Rapids Schools or at a clinic that offers developmental screening.



  • Help Me Grow MN

    Help Me Grow MN offers resources for families to understand developmental milestones and look for any possible concerns with their child(ren) ages 0-5.

    Help me Grow MN Early Childhood Development

    If you have questions about your child's early childhood screening, contact Terra Fitzsimmon at 218.863.5910 x5393 or Send Email