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    Early Childhood Screening

    The early childhood years from birth to the start of kindergarten are an important time of rapid learning and growth.

    Early Childhood Screening is a free and simple check of how your child is growing, developing and learning.

    Screening at age 3 is preferred, but a child may be screened between the ages of 3 and the start of kindergarten as required by law.*

    There are three purposes for the Early Childhood Screening

    1. To promote healthy development.
    2. To identify children who may need further evaluation.
    3. To connect families to resources in the community.

    What to expect at a screening appointment

    A trained professional will check:

    • vision and hearing
    • height and weight
    • immunizations (shots)
    • large and small muscles
    • thinking, language and communication skills
    • social and emotional development

    What to bring to a screening appointment

    • Any questions you have about your child's growth & development.
    • Your child's immunization record (shots).
    • Your child's primary health care provider (doctor) name and phone number.

    Where to schedule a screening appointment

    Your child may be screened through Early Childhood Education Programs at the Pelican Rapids Schools or at a clinic that offers developmental screening.

    To schedule at through the Early Childhood Education contact:

    Terra Fitzsimmons at 218-863-5910 x5393 or tfitzsim@vikes.us for Viking Preschool or Early Childhood Education programs 

    Carrie Harthun at 218-770-9232 for Head Start Preschool

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