• Message from the Dean

    “Wow” is the one word I would use to generalize how well our students adjusted to the many changes that occurred in our school, community and in our society last year.

    The “Covid Year” definitely tested our resiliency and perseverance but I am really proud of how our school family weathered the storm.  In fact, one positive aspect of the 2020-21 school year was that it provided an opportunity to experience the trials of life.

    “Grit” is a major factor to anyone’s success and in order to build that inner toughness, you need to experience the struggles of life.  You need to see that you can survive tough times and even find ways to thrive.  With the many unknowns, changes and frustrations that last year brought, I saw so many of our students rise up and learn some important lessons about life.

    We go into the 2021-22 school year with eyes wide open and with the confidence that we can survive the tough times and find ways to find happiness, effectiveness and success.  Memories were made last year and they will be made again this year.

    My ultimate goal is to create a safe and positive environment for the students here at PRHS to grow mentally, emotionally and physically by:

    • helping students feel Seen, Known and Loved at PRHS.
    • having students know they can come to me with questions and concerns.
    • empowering students to find solutions and helping them be part of building a positive school culture.
    • enforcing rules in order to hold them to their greatness.

    I also feel another big part of my job is to do everything I listed above for the teachers and staff at Pelican Rapids High School. 

    Parents, I am your connection to the school. I will work hard to hear you.  I am looking forward to the adventures of this school year.  Let’s work hard to help each other make a difference in the lives of our students.



    Go Vikes!

    Doug Bruggeman