• Be a "Do-er"

    As our seventh graders enter their high school years, they are inundated with numerous staff members encouraging them to “get involved”!
    “What are you good at?”  “What do you really enjoy doing?” or “What are your hobbies?” These questions are asked often in an effort to help them figure out how they can use their talents and/or passions to be a part of a group, club, or team.  
    This does not stop in seventh grade.  Our students will be constantly encouraged, over the course of their high school career, to do more and be more than just a student.  To be a part of at least one of the many activities or groups we have at Pelican Rapids High School.
    The more involved a student becomes, the more pride they take in themselves and in the school.  This pride motivates them to do better and be better.  The more students we get to be “do-ers” the better our chances are of our students helping create a more positive school environment.
    “Do-ers” make stronger connections with others.  They get the opportunities to share the ups and downs of life with a group.  These moments create an automatic bond between those working towards a common goal.   
    “Do-ers” learn more about life and grow deeper understandings.  They basically give themselves “bonus experiences”. They see what it takes to be successful.  They learn the sacrifices that need to be made if they want to make a difference.  They are pushed to want more and expect more from themselves.
    “Do-ers” find the reward in the journey.  A big part of that reward is the joy they experience by choosing to do something with their talents.  There is a sport saying that goes something like, “the hardest worker is having the most fun!”  This is true in life as well. 
    Whether in athletics, music, art or academic groups found in school or family, church, community groups, etc. . . in life, choose to be a “do-er” not just a “viewer”.


  • Doug Bruggeman

    Dean of Students
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    "Helping students achieve their potential is what I see as my major mission. I also believe my position as Dean of Students is one where I help serve the needs of our teachers and staff and also work to be a supportive liaison between the school, students, and families."