• We are off to a great start this school year. Continuing to carry Mr. Syverson’s light, Pelican Rapids High School strives to see the good, make a difference, and work for amazing. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our dedicated staff for their time, energy, and dedication to making Pelican Rapids a wonderful place for students to learn the skills needed to be successful today and in the future. As a staff, we work to provide unique academic offerings that give students the ability to explore their interests without leaving campus. We continue to update curriculum and add new curriculum to match the skills, standards, and demands of today’s world. With seven new courses, two of those in career and technical education including cosmetology and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), students are developing career-related skills and earning certifications in high-demand career fields.

    It is a partnership between schools, community, and families that create the best possible outcomes for our students. Many of these new courses are a result of partnerships between local businesses and our staff to create innovative and meaningful experiences for students. Some of these experiences include facility tours, classroom speakers, and business-sponsored courses. Pelican Rapids is fortunate to have a community that supports our students in and out of the classroom and in extracurricular opportunities. Our recent fall musical, “The Music Man”, was a testament to the power of collaboration and community spirit in Pelican Rapids. It brought together community members and students of all ages and created a performance that packed the Fine Arts Auditorium three nights in a row.

    Thank you for your continued support and involvement in your child's education. Keeping your student engaged, motivated, and responsible for school work is crucial for success. Additionally, attendance plays a vital role in progress. Please ensure your student regularly attends school. Encourage your student to get involved in school activities, athletics, and events. Every opportunity for growth and connection is valuable. Together, we can help all Vikings succeed.

    I look forward to continued success in the 2023-24 school year.

  • Laura Januszewski

    Secondary Principal
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