• Representatives of the elementary and high school, along with HARRY and the Grinch, spearheaded a fundraiser dubbed “The BIGfoot Race” to raise money for our local food shelf.  This was part of the school’s focus on *Habit #3 – Put First Things First.  For our schools, this meant that giving and helping others should always be a priority and something we look to do to make our lives more meaningful, effective and rewarding.

    Both schools tracked their progress throughout November and December with BIGfoot imprints given for each food shelf item or dollar donated.

    The Grinch tried to steal the victory by encouraging the high school to steal the joy of the elementary students.  However, HARRY and Cindy Lou Who, came to the rescue and jumped on the elementary school’s side to once again show the Grinch that Giving will always be better than taking.

    The high school, once again, fell short of besting the elementary school in who raised the most money/items. The total ended with the elementary bringing in 2640 items/dollars compared to a very respectable $1566 raised by the high school.

    Because of the win, the elementary school got the chance to 'pie' Principal Nelson!

    *7 Habits of Highly Effective People® 

  • The BIGfoot Race  

    Carole Johnson and Anita Pearson, representatives of the Pelican Rapids Food Shelf, accepted a donation of over 4,100 dollars/items that were collected by both schools in November and December.