• There are numerous learning opportunities for PRHS students ready to begin their journey toward future education, careers, and life goals.

    Choose from nearly 30 college credits that are offered through College in High School (CIHS), Advanced Placement (AP), and Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

    Follow your interests and choose from courses such as Speech, Composition, College English, Literature, and Mass Communications

    Gain career readiness skills taught in Career and Technical Education courses in agriculture, business, industrial technology, and more

    Expand artistic and cultural understanding in art, music, and Spanish courses

    Explore the workforce through work experience programs such as Agribusiness Occupations and Work Release

    Promote Viking Pride and gain experience in mass communications with Viking News Network, a student-produced, award-winning newscast

    Add flexibility to your schedule with more than 40 eCampus classes