Our Differences
  • Our Mission

    Pelican Rapids Public Schools is committed to providing a variety of high-quality academic, arts, and athletic programs in a unique rural setting.

    We believe that education is a partnership between student, family, school, and community and that our:

    • students are our top priority
    • highly qualified staff provide a positive and rigorous learning environment for academic excellence
    • diversity provides students with a unique advantage
    • students are prepared for career, college, and lifelong learning

    District Priorities

    • Community engagement
    • Educate the whole child
    • Increase student enrollment
    • Sound and transparent financial practices

    District Goals

    1. 75% of students are ready for kindergarten based on teacher assessment.
    2. 75% of 3rd graders show a 50 SGP (Student Growth Percentile) from their fall STAR reading test to the spring STAR reading test.
    3. Decrease the achievement gap of our free and reduced students by 5%.
    4. Increase graduates attending postsecondary to 60%.
    5. Increase the District’s graduation rate to 95%.