• Days and Hours of Operation

    School Year:
    Monday - Friday

    • 7:00am - 8:00am (before school)
    • 3:05pm - 6:00pm (after school)

    Club Vikes will be open on the following NO SCHOOL DAYS:

    • October 9, 19, 20
    • November 6 &13

    Emergency/Snow Closings:
    You must pick up your child as soon as possible on emergency closings of Club Vikes, or make arrangements for someone else to do so. Club Vikes may close due to inclement weather or any possible building issues. You will not be charged for any days that we are closed.*Club Vikes reserves the right to cancel the program on any day because of bad weather. Cancellations will be posted on the website and Facebook pages.


  • Tonya Honrud

    Club Vikes Coordinator
    218.863.5910 x5022
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    Club Vikes Staff

    On-site staff can be reached at 218-731-8439 or 218-863-5910 ext. 5022 Club Vikes Email

    • Chris Coleman- Lead Staff
    • Zane Biles-Lead staff
    • Claudia Rodriguez-Lead staff
    • Noemi Gutierrez- Lead staff
    • Jazmyn Peterson-Lead Staff
    • Cameron MacFarlane- Lead staff
    • Adriana Robles- Lead staff


    • Rebecca Castillo
    • Makayla Moen
    • Sam Johnson