• Subject: MCA Testing Update 3/19

    English, Math, Science Teachers and MCA Test Monitors:

    • MCA Reading 7, 8 & 10 is in 3 weeks
    • MCA Math 7, 8 & 11 is in 4 weeks
    • MCA Science 8 & 10 and Math 7 (Petznick) is in 5 weeks

    Teachers of students in grades 7, 8, 10 and 11, please complete the following tasks as soon as possible:

    1. Ask your students to check their student issued laptops for the TestNav8 application (this should be located on their device's desktop)
      1. If students do not have TestNav installed, send them to Mr. Simmons' office asap.
    2. Email me a list of any students' first and last names, if they use a personal device and do not have a school issued device. Only school issued devices are allowed for state testing.
    3. Complete the required Test Trainings, if you have not already done so. Please see me, if you need help accessing the online training videos.
      1. If your name is listed in the "2024 Test Monitors" list below, you are required to complete test training each year.
      2. Please let me know if you have any paras who will be in the room during state testing, as they will also need to complete trainings and/or sign the Assurance of Test Security form.

    Student Readiness Tools (SRTs) - I highly recommend allowing your students to familiarize themselves with the online testing format, features and tools prior to testing. Some universal support tools embedded within the tests include the following: Answer Eliminator (All), Calculator (Math & Science), Formula Sheet (Math—I will also provide printed formula sheets), Highlighter (All), Ruler (Science), Scratch Pad (All), Straightedge (Math 8 & 11) and White Noise (All). If students choose to use the white noise feature, they will need wired headphones/earbuds, as wireless/Bluetooth earbuds are not allowed.

    https://srt.testnav.com/mn/mn-srt.html (SRTs Link)

    Online SRTs Guide for Educators"The online SRTs can be used to familiarize students with the look and feel of an online MCA, the types of questions on the test, and how to indicate answers to questions." 

    Pop-up translations - For the Math and Science MCAs, I have turned on Spanish and Somali "pop-up translation" indicators for each English Language Learners' Math and Science MCA test. This is a universal support available (and suggested) for Multilingual Learners in which certain underlined words will provide the translation, when they hover over and/or click on the underlined word.