• This survey is an opportunity for you to help us build the profile of the 2036 graduate. Your opinions are important, and the district is interested in hearing about them.


    Parent Survey



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    Mindset Matters...






    Fixed VS. Growth Mindset:


    Encouraging children to have a growth mindset is very important. Children with fixed mindsets tend to ignore feedback, whereas children with growth mindsets tend to learn from feedback.


    What can you do to help? Encourage Failure! Your child needs to know that failure can and does happen. And that is okay! Remind your child that each time he/she fails and tries again, his/her brain is growing stronger! Don’t try to stop or prevent failure- this is how children learn to persevere in the face of challenges.


2036 Graduate

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     Welcome to the Pelican Rapids Public Schools. We are delighted that you are visiting our web site. We are proud of the many learning opportunities we provide for our students such as: advance placement courses, college in the high school, after school enrichment activities and many extra curricular activities. Our school has a large course offering in a small school setting. I am sure you will agree, Pelican Rapids is a great place for your student to learn and grow.


    Building the Profile of a 2036 Graduate


    I remember clearly the day in 1990 when four computers were placed in the back of my classroom.  How was I going to bring this new resource to my students? What would they do with this new technology? I was excited and scared for the opportunity to have 29 first graders create digital writing and share it with their peers and parents. Almost 30 years later, technology continues to enhance student learning opportunities in ways we could have never imagined...

    • Virtual reality allows students to experience authentic learning without leaving the classroom.
    • Coding careers, one of the most in-demand fields, means learning rules that computers understand.
    • Information and knowledge are a key-stroke away, due to increases in Smart devices.
    • New ways of learning such as Makerspace provides a specific space for creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

    Our world is continuing to change at such a rapid pace that we are now preparing our students for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that haven’t yet been invented, in order to solve problems we don’t yet know exist.  Joining with over 3,100 districts from across the country, Pelican Rapids Schools is raising the question, “What does education today need to look like to ensure student success for an ever-changing future?”

    Thus, we are embarking on a proactive journey to ‘Build the Profile of a 2036 Graduate.’ This process began with a community showing of the documentary film, “Most Likely to Succeed,” which features a charter school with project-based learning. The purpose of sharing this movie was to start conversations about the skills our students will need to be successful in the future. With technology changing the nature of work, people skills such as leadership, critical thinking, informed decision making, perseverance, problem solving, and risk taking will be required for success in an ever-changing work environment.

    We have formed a ‘Building the Profile of a 2036 Graduate’ team of parents, community members, teachers, students and district leadership that will continue to explore the following:

    • What are the hopes and dreams that our community has for our graduates of 2036 and beyond?
    • What are the knowledge and skills of the 21st Century that our children need for success in this rapidly changing and complex world?
    • What impact does our current educational learning platform have on our students?
    • How can we empower students to have voice and choice in their educational experience?
    • How can we provide individualized learning in creative, flexible classroom environments?

    This group will spend the next six to nine months gathering input from stakeholder groups across the community.  We will review research and relevant materials that identify what students need for success in the 21st century and compare those skills to our current reality.  Lastly, we will draft the ‘Profile of the Pelican Rapids 2036 Graduate’ as grounded in research, best practice and stakeholder input and present our ideas to the school board in December of 2018.  Upon approval by the board we will embark on the journey of implementation beginning in the fall of 2019.

    If you are interested in being part of the ‘Building the Profile of a 2036 Graduate’ team, please contact me before the next meeting on Thursday, April 12. I am also available to answer any questions or concerns and can be reached at randerson@pelicanrapids.k12.mn.us or 218-863-9315.

    I am honored to be working for such a passionate educational community and staff who work hard every day to reach every student. I am confident that our collective goal of ensuring that our students continue to be lifelong learners and thus will be well-prepared and successful in life will guide us through this exciting journey.


    Contact Me, Pelican Rapids Public Schools Superintendent,

    Randi Anderson



Need Formal Wear?





    Do you need a dress for the Celebrations of Cultures dance and/or for the Prom? 


    Please check out our first annual prom dress exchange at Pelican Rapids High School.  This is where you can donate and/or borrow a dress for an upcoming formal event.  Contact Ms. Schlieman or Ms. Guhl for details.



    Parents and families are invited to our year end celebration of preschool. We'll have a short concert and time for a little social following.

    • Tuesday, May 8 program at 10:30am (students dismissed after program)
    • Wednesday, May 9 programs at 10:30am and 3:00pm (Terra's afternoon students only)

    Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) Classes:

     To register e-mail Terra Fitzsimmons


    Rootin' Tootin' Toddlers (ages 0-2)

    Our youngests students have their special time at the big school...come meet new friends and we play, sing and dance together!

    • Thursdays, April 5, 12, 19 & 26 date change...will be starting April 12
    • 5:30-6:30pm

    Family Field Trip - Chahinkapa Zoo - Friday, May 11

    We'll carpool from Pelican Rapids football field parking lot at 8:50am or meet in Whapeton at the zoo at 10:00am

    • Pay at the gate
    • 12:00pm Meet at the Carousel
    • 12:30pm sack lunch picnic (bring your own lunch)
    • We are typically back to Pelican Rapids by 2-3:00pm