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    Update 9-23-20


    Shada Yearbook 2019-20 Dedication

    Tuesday, Sept. 29 from 6:00 to 6:10pm (before Homecoming Coronation) at Chauncey Martin Field

    Class of 2020 (Graduated Seniors)

    • You are invited to attend the Shada Dedication

    • if you PRE-ORDERED and PAID for a 2019-20 yearbook you can pick it up at the dedication (or at the PRHS office anytime Wednesday, Sept. 30 or after) 

    2019-20 Yearbook Distribution

    Students who PRE-ORDERED and PAID for a 2019-20 yearbook will be able to pick up their yearbook in Mrs. Roisum’s classroom

    • Viking Black students – Wednesday, Sept. 30

    • Viking Orange Students – Thursday, Oct. 1

    • Other sales (of extra yearbooks) - Friday, Oct. 2 (during 7th hour)


    Update 9-18-20


    -All students need to follow the normal school day schedule and attend all classes regardless of what learning model they are in.

    -Distance and virtual (at home) learning students are FULL TIME students. Attendance policies are the same as “regular” school regardless of where the student is learning from (in school or at home).

    IMPORTANT - A supervising adult needs to call the school office at 218-863-5910 if a child misses a class (or classes) for the following reasons:

    #1 - ABSENCES

    • planned (Doctor appointment- a doctor’s note will need to be emailed or dropped off at school office)
    • unplanned (child is ill or in quarantine)


    If a student is at home because of an illness we still want them to attend class via Zoom if they are able.

    IMPORTANT - The only time a supervising adult would need to call the school office in this situation is if the student:

    • changes learning models - was supposed to be ‘in-person’ learning at school that day and is attending virtually (we do this to make sure parents are aware of the situation)
    • is NOT connecting via Zoom with a class (or classes)


    If the student is unable to get connected to a class via Zoom due to a:

    • connection issue
      • the student should contact the teacher for that class immediately via Google Hangout, explain what is happening AND continue trying to connect
    • computer problem (something is wrong with their device)

    IMPORTANT – A supervising adult should call the school office if the:

    • student is unable to make contact with the teacher.
    • device is broken and the student needs to come in for a replacement.
    • home internet is down


    If a student is at home because they are waiting on the results of COVID-19 testing and they are feeling fine we expect them to attend all of their classes virtually via Zoom.

    IMPORTANT – A supervising adult needs to call the school office and inform the school nurse (who will inform the teachers that the student will be doing distance learning during this time).

    MN Dept of Health COVID-19 Resources:  COVID-19 Attendance Guide for Parents and Families

    IMPORTANT – MDH guidelines require that those in quarantine stay home so they do not potentially spread COVID-19 to others.


    • All students need to follow the normal school day schedule and attend all classes regardless of what learning model they are in.

    Hybrid students follow the normal schedule and attend all classes:

    • at school on ‘in-person’ days
    • virtually via Zoom on ‘at home’ days

    Distance Learners also follow the normal school day schedule and attend all classes:

    • virtually via Zoom at home

    Distance and virtual (at home) learning students are FULL TIME students. They should treat their virtual (on-line) learning just like they are physically going to class.

    • All virtual learners should sign into Zoom and request to enter the class 4 minutes before the class start time.
    • The teacher will begin teaching 5 minutes after the class start time and may choose to not allow anyone into Zoom once they have started teaching.

     The PRHS daily schedule that all students need to follow is shown below: 






Current Learning Model

  • The current Learning Models at the Pelican Rapids Schools


    Viking Elementary (Pre-K – Grade 6)

              In-person Learning



    Pelican Rapids High School (Grades 7-12)

                Hybrid Learning

    school      distance



    Click on links for detailed information:

    Current Learning Model Details (PRHS Weekly Announcement Videos, PRHS Technology Overview, Distance Learning Options)

    PRHS Hybrid (Orange/Black) Schedule