• Students who speak more than one language are in English Language Learners (ELL) class.

    They study English in four areas:

    • listening
    • speaking
    • reading
    • writing

    Each year they take the Access for ELL’s English test.  It’s very difficult and similar to the MCA’s except there are 4 separate tests. 

    Proficient students graduate from ELL class

    Students who have an overall proficiency score of 4.5 or higher plus a 3.5 in at least 3 of the 4 domains are considered proficient in English and no longer require ELL classes. Proficient students graduate from ELL class.

    This year we had about 16 graduates at VES.  It’s a big accomplishment for them.  It often takes 4 or more years to graduate.

    Congratulations to the following VES students who graduated from ELL class!!! Here are some photos from the celebration on September 10, 2021: