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    Mrs. Neubauer's kindergarten class singing the LEADER IN ME song.

    Words to Leader in Me™ song – Dynomite

    Let’s start with habit one, one, one, one – be proactive and get things done done, done, done.

    I’m in charge of me it’s fun, fun, fun, fun, that’s what you get with habit one one, one, one.

    Yeah Yeah

    What’s habit 2 two two, two, two – we have the end in mind its true true, true, true.


    I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, singing seven, seven habits.

    I’m working everyday to change my life with the seven, seven habits.

    ‘cause we’re gonna rock the school, we’re gonna do this right, we’re gonna learn these things cause we’re dynamite.

    We know that Viking Rocks. We’re gonna do this right. We’re gonna learn these things, cause we’re dynamite.

    What’s habit 3 three, three, three – put first things first that is the key, key, key, key.  It’s just a better way to be be, be, be – manage your time with habit three three, three, three. Yeah yeah

    What’s habit 4 four, four, four – to think win-win is not a chore chore chore chore. Yeah yeah.


    It’s habit 5 five, five, five, we understand each other’s lives, lives, lives, lives.  We listen hard we won’t deprive, -prive, -prive, -prive. Then our relationships can thrive thrive, thrive, thrive. Yeah Yeah

    It’s habit 6 six, six, six, we synergize without conflicts flicts, flicts, flicts. Yeah yeah


    This is the last, last, last, last, habit 7 is a blast, blast, blast, blast, sharpen the saw so you will last, last, last, last.  Sharpen the saw and do it fast, fast, fast, fast. Yeah yeah.


  • The early years of a child's life are crucial in creating a foundation for life-long learning and success. Our kindergarten teachers are prepared to support and respond to the wide range of experiences and competencies that each child arrives to kindergarten with!

  • A child is ready for kindergarten when he/she:

    • is at least 5 years of age by September 1 of the child's enrollment year
    • has received early childhood screening
    • has received medically acceptable immunizations.

    Each child develops and demonstrates knowledge and skills differently as described in learning and academic standards. These include:

    • math/science/social studies (cognitive)
    • physical
    • the arts
    • language/literacy/communcation domains.