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    Mr. Douglas R. Bruggeman

    218-863-5910 ext 4352

    email:  dbruggem@pelicanrapids.k12.mn.us

    Classes Taught:  Junior World History &

                                Seventh Grade Civics



    I have been a teacher and coach in Pelican Rapids since 1992.  My wife Sue and I have raised two boys(Casey and Ryan) in this community and we are very pleased with the education they received in our school system. 
    One of our school's greatest assets is the diversity that we embrace.  Our students gain life skills that can not be taught in a classroom because of their opportunities to interact and become friends with people of different backgrounds and cultures.
    We continue to strive to be a leader in education. A great example of that commitment is the "Leader in Me" program based on Steven Covey's book the "7 Habits of Effectiveness" that we have been implementing into our school system since 2011-12 school year.