•         Mrs. Guhl welcomes you to 

                   the FACS website! 


    What is FACS?  That is usually the first question that I am asked when I introduce myself and what I teach.  FACS is an acronym for Family and Consumer Science or what use to be called Home Economics.  Today's FACS classes cover a variety of subjects from budgeting, meal planning, listening skills, food preparation, housing and interior design, to child growth and development.  Currently, I am teaching only part time and my classes are Foods and Nutrition, International Foods, Child Growth and Development, and Sewing and Textiles.  


    • The average American will live to be about 80 years of age. 
    • We typically eat three meals a day and there are 365 days in a year.  That means we are eating 87,6000 meals in our life time!   
    • We eat out about 4.2 times per week for the cost of around $173.00 to $180.00 per week!  Over the course of one year that is $8,996.00!
    • Why wouldn't you want and need to learn how to cook for yourself and your family?    


    If you have any questions or comments about my webpage or the subjects I teach you can contact me via my e-mail address.