• There is no VSS program at this time due to COVID-19


    Viking Student Success (VSS) Program


    What is Viking Student Success?


    Targeted Services is an after school/summer program that assists students in being better students and citizens.  K-6 services include academic tutoring, physical fitness, social skills development, and a variety of recreational activities.   Targeted Services is taught by certified teachers.  On occasion, a well-trained Para professional may assist students (under the teacher's direction).

    This is an after school program that runs all year on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week. This program will help children with all academic skills. A snack is provided after school also. If you are interested, there is a google doc form for registration this year.

    Who qualifies for Targeted Services?


    Children can be referred to Viking Student Success by teachers, parents, or community service providers.  Viking Student Success is a prevention program intended to address the needs of young learners before successful graduation is at risk.  Learners must meet the state-established criteria listed below to qualify for services.  (Minnesota Statute 124D.68)

    o   Consistently fails or struggles with classes
    o   Has more hands-on learning style
    o   Demonstrates low motivation, easily frustrated, sudden drop in grades,absenteeism,or classroom problems
    ◊   Appears to be isolated from other pupils
    ◊   Has family issues
    ◊   Speaks English as a Second Language
    ◊   Homeless
    ◊   Has been assessed as chemically dependent
    ◊   Is a perpetual victim of other pupils
    ◊   Is below one or more grade levels in achievement
    ◊   Is overwhelmed in classes in large numbers
    ◊   Is clearly discouraged to the point of having little hope for being successful in school or in society

    When does Viking Student Success Program meet?


    VSS takes place at Viking Elementary School after school Tuesday-Thursday on days when school is in session. We also offer a summer session.

    Curriculum specifically designed to build reading and math skills for students who are not at grade level is used by all site programs. Instructors are licensed teachers and have received training in the curriculum used in the program. If you think your child would benefit from Viking Student Success, talk with your child's teacher or call the office at 863-5910.

    What kinds of things will my child work on at Targeted Services?


    Student activities will depend on each student's individual need.  A Continual Learning Plan (CLP) will be written for each child, outlining the specific needs to be addressed.  The Targeted Services teacher will work with the child's classroom teacher to develop the CLP. 

    Goals in the CLP could include help finishing assignments, assistance in reading, math or writing, developing organizational skills, teaching of social skills, and physical fitness.  Direct instruction by staff will be supplemented by educational computer programs which meet the student's needs.