• At Preschool we are learning all the time! 

    Play-doh center                                                        

     I am:

    • Developing finger muscles. 
    • Improving language and vocabulary. 
    • Making observations of shape and size. 

    Water play

    I am:

    • Releasing energy and relaxing. 
    • Increasing my ability to concentrate on one activity (scooping, pouring and running my hands through the water). Gentle water play allows me to unwind. 
    • Cooperating and sharing with my classmates. 
    • Learning MATH concepts such as Full, Empty, Half, Less. We measure, compare volumes, observe motion, maybe a plant and animal life if we are lucky. We count the rocks in the basin and notice the water flow change as we move them. 

    Music time 

    I am:

    • Learning to coordinate my body by clapping, bouncing & dancing.
    • Enjoying myself and my classmates.
    • Having a shared experience for positive emotions like delight, joy, and affection. 


  • Preschool Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) for ages 4-5

    ELOs are an indicator of what we are working on at school and how the home link is supporting their learning!

  • Click here for registration forms:  VIKING PRESCHOOL REGISTRATION FORMS

    Please note: we are still accepting registrations but are currently near capacity. Once your registration is submitted, Terra Fitzsimmons will contact you with details.

    Questions: contact Terra Fitzsimmons, ECFE and School Readiness Teacher/Coordinator at 218-863-5910 x5393 or tfitzsim@vikes.us

    Preschool Registration Checklist

    Form Completion:

    • Viking Preschool Registration 2021-2022 (front & back)
    • Home Language Questionnaire
    • Immunization Form (front & back)
    • Education Benefits Application 2021-22 (Free & Reduced)

    Include copies of:

    • Child's Birth Certificate
    • Early Childhood Screening Record (if not completed by Pelican Rapids Public Schools)
  • p

    Both the Pelican Rapids District and Head Start Preschool Programs have been approved for another Parent Aware Four Star Rating! This is the highest rating possible and is valid for two years!