• PRHS menu for the week of May 17-20

    Tuesday- Spaghetti & Meatballs/Garlic Breadstick

    Wednesday-Chicken Strips & Mac 

    Thursday-Large Pretzel & Soup

    Friday-Bosco Sticks & Salad

    Salad Bar all Days


    VES planned menu for the week of May 23-26:


    Cook's choice all week


    Mon:  Chicken nuggets, potato smiles, dinner roll, fruit and milk

    Tues:  Hot dog, baked beans, veggie, fruit and milk

    Wed:  Taco in a bag, lettuce, salsa, cheese, fruit and milk

    Thurs:  Corn dog, veggie, fruit and milk

    VES planned menu for the week of May 17-20:

    Tues:  Nutrigrain bar, juice and milk
    Wed:  Mini waffles, juice and milk
    Thurs:  Mini cinnis, juice and milk
    Fri:  Pop tart, juice and milk
    Tues:  Tator to hotdish, veggie, dinner roll, fruit and milk
    Wed:  Chicken Pattie on a bun, veggie, fruit and milk
    Thurs:  Taco in a bag, Lettuce, salsa, black beans, fruit and milk
    Fri:  Pizza (hopefully), veggie, fruit and milk

    *Menus are subject to change. Our food distributor informed us that they may have limited availability of school items so that's why we are going week by week at this time.