• Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)


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    SADD is an inclusive organization, welcoming all youth who seek support for healthy and safe development. It is a respectful organization that invites active youth participation and expects youth leadership. Youth voices will be sought out, respected, strengthened, shared, and affirmed. SADD will endorse this approach at all levels of the organization (local, state, and national) and will encourage others to also incorporate this approach.



    SADD hosts many events. We've hosted a huge bingo game and did a booth at the Boo Bash. We also paired up with the Student Lighthouse team to bring EPIC Assemblies to the school. Some SADD members also got to attend the SADD conference in April.

    Get Involved

    For more information about SADD or if you would like to sign up contact Mrs. Korf You will be asked to sign the SADD Contract as a commitment. 

    SADD OFFICERS 2020-2021

    President - TBD
    Vice President - TBD
    Secretary - TBD
    Treasurer - TBD

    SADD Representatives:

    Levi Johnson
    McHale Korf
    Emily Martinez
    Marisol Martinez
    Isaac Olson
    Jayden Rutherford
    Justin VerDorn
    Hayden Hart
    Carson McNeal
    Sam Moe
    Brock Sjolie
    Ian Fahje
    Chris LaFerriere
    Connor Nelson

    SADD Staff Advisor: Mrs. Korf


    "It Can Wait" Campaign SADD is doing an anti-texting and driving campaign. Every morning the students watch a video about texting and driving.