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    Please be sure that your student is properly dressed for the daily winter weather changes.

    We will go outside for recess even when temps and/or wind chill are as low as 10 below zero.


    Parents/guardians will be informed of weather related school announcements through our automated phone service called Skylert.  It is most important that our school have your current phone/cell number listed, so you can be reached when there is a late start or cancellation due to weather.  

MN School of Excellence

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The Promise



    The Promise


    I WILL speak up instead of acting as a bystander.

    I CHOOSE to particapate in activities that don't involve teasing.

    I FORGIVE others if they make poor choices.

    I MODEL good behavior

    I ACCEPT others for their differences.

    I INCLUDE others in group situations.

    I WILL talk to an adult when there is a problem I cannot manage on my own.

    I AM powerful in making a difference in my school.

1:1 iPad Initiative

  • 1:1 iPad Initiative

    At The Viking Elementary School, we have been on a continuum to increase our technology over several years. Our staff plan for use of technology for lessons and student projects, during Daily 5 Reading and Daily 3 Math, during science, social students, and STEM. Our students and staff have used desktop computers, iPads, laptops, and promethean boards for learning. However, this year we are kicking off a 1:1 iPad initiative in K-6. Each student will be assigned and iPad to provide greater opportunities to learn, innovate, and create. As students learn about various apps and programs, they will gain tools to learn and demonstrate their learning in ways that best suite his/her personal learning style.


    Are VES students taking iPads home?

    Not at first. To begin the year, students will keep their iPads at school as we learn together about how best to use our technology for learning. As staff and students grow in confidence there may be opportunities for students to bring their iPads home; however, this will require some training and the approval of families.


    What are the benefits of individual student iPads?

    Each student will use their assigned technology which makes it easier for teachers to track the work of students. Students will learn to be responsible for her/his technology. Every child will have the opportunity to use the iPad as needed throughout the day. Our children will have greater access to apps for learning, problem solving, critical thinking, and creating.

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    Save your General Mills Boxtops for Education!

    We will use the money for new climbing play equipment.

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