•  Update 9-21-21

     Close Contact Guidelines

     Students in K-12 classrooms who are close contacts will have the option to either:

    1. Remain in the classroom and wear a mask for 14 days and watch for any symptoms.                             
    1. Quarantine at home for 14 days (excused absences). Teacher will provide homework like any other illness.

    Positive COVID-19 Test

    Will need to be isolated at home for 10 days from the test date or onset of symptoms.

    • If still having symptoms, please remain home and contact the COVID-19 Coordinator.

    Household Contacts

    If vaccinated

    • will not need to be quarantined due to exposure.
    • it is required that you wear a mask for 14 days and watch for symptoms.

    If unvaccinated and living with someone who has a confirmed positive case of COVID-19:

    • and you are able to isolate yourself from the positive case, you can return with the requirement of wearing a mask for 14 days from last exposure.
    • and you are unable to isolate yourself from the positive case, you can test between day 13 and 15 and with a negative result, return to class and wear a mask to day 24 from exposure.

    *Isolation means = Zero contact, no sharing of living spaces (bathroom, kitchen, etc.)

     Update 9-2-21

    Close Contact Guidelines

    Students in K-12 classrooms that are exposed to students with COVID-19 within 3-6 feet of infected students and both kids were masked then only the student positive for COVID-19 is quarantined.

    Students that are not masked and one is positive for COVID-19 any contact with that positive within 6 feet for 15 minutes is considered a close contact and will need to be quarantined.

    If any student or staff is vaccinated and considered a close contact MDH & CDC recommends you test in 3-5 days after exposure, wear a mask for 14 days following exposure and monitor for symptoms. Do Not need to quarantine unless having symptoms.

    Update 7-9-21

    At this time, MDH and CDC are recommending that anyone who is not fully vaccinated to wear a mask within the school setting.

    Also, unvaccinated staff and students will need to quarantine if exposed to a positive case(s) during the school year.

    Therefore, we are encouraging all staff and students (ages 12 and up) to be vaccinated before the 2021-22 school year.