Welcome to the Pelican Rapids High School Website!
The staff and administration at PRHS are glad to have the opportunity to work with students, parents and community. We hope you will take advantage of the opportunities that are available. The curriculum and activities programs at PRHS have been designed to challenge students of all interests and abilities. To benefit from these programs, students need to get involved. The highly capable staff at PRHS is eager to assist students. We truly believe in success for everyone through quality teaching and learning.
PRHS Mission Statement
At PRHS everyone is a leader, and every leader values
integrity, shows respect, and acts responsibly.

PRHS Staff Member Mr. Bruggeman has produced a number of videos that focus on our one word for the 2015-2016 school year.  These short clips help explain the one word philosopy as well as encourage our school community to make a change, reach a goal, and make a difference - to be a RISER.  Watch and Enjoy!

One Word Introduction - Rise

Rise with Others

Riser Accountability