Club Vikes Program Policies & Costs

Before school care: $2.75/child per day.
After school care: $6/child per day.
Both before and after school care: $8/child per day.
*You will contract for (pay for) 2 school days a week while you are registered, whether your child attends or not.

Mondays/Vacation days: $25 per day (7+ hours)
$15 per partial day.

*You will need to register in advance for Mondays/vacation days, and you will be charged the daily fee on days that you register for whether your child attends or not.

Registration Fees
Trimester Rates:
Fall-$10 trimester fee September-November
Winter-$10 trimester fee December-February
Spring-$10 trimester fee March-May

School Year Rate:
$30 yearly registration fee August 2015 - May 2016

*Summer registration will be separate

Registration Cancellation:
You must notify Club Vikes 2 weeks in advance if you need to cancel your registration.

Pick-Up and Late Fee
You are required to pick up your child by 6:00p.m. A late fee of $5.00 will be charged for all late pick-ups, with an additional $5.00 for every 15 minutes.

Field Trips
Additional fees will apply to any field trips.

Financial Assistance
Partial or total tuition assistance may be available to qualifying families through state or county funds. For information and application procedures call Lakes and Prairies Community Action at 877-773-5778. Families receiving financial assistance must provide verification of eligibility. If financial assistance is denied, parents or guardians will be responsible for contacting the Coordinator to set up payment
arrangements and will be responsible for paying all of the fees incurred.
We maintain the right to withhold care if payment has not been made.
Thank you.