Club Vikes Program Policies & Costs


Club Vikes is available for children in grades K-6. Club Vikes Rates are $2.50 per hour per child. Each additional child is $2.00 per hour, not to exceed $5.00 per hour per family.

Fee Payments

 Payments are due every other Friday. Child care services will not be provided when an account is delinquent. Any and all special arrangements of payments or fees, amount of fees, or any special cases must be made directly with the Coordinator. A short statement will be sent out every other Tuesday. A fee of $5.00 will be added to all late payments.


We allow drop-ins if the student is already registered with Club Vikes and space is available. The cost is the same. We appreciate at least a weeks notice of your child's attendance. If you would like your billing statement mailed to you or if you'd like it right away, that can be arranged with the coordinator. Payment is still due every other Friday. 

How to Register

Click Here to open the registration form

Return the competed forms to:

Candace Roesch 

Club Vikes Coordinator

Viking Elementary

PO BOX 642

Pelican Rapids, MN 56572


Emergency Closing or Early Dismissal

Club Vikes will be closed on days when school is canceled because of poor/bad weather. The school website and phone system will carry emergency messages. All storm announcements will be given on: FARGO TV: KXJB-TV (Ch.4), WDAY-TV (Ch 6), KVLY-TV (Ch 11); Fargo Radio: FM105.1, KFGO (101.9) KFGO (AM-790), WDAY (AM 970), KVOX (FM99.9), KVOX (AM-1280), KFGX (FM-95.0), KQWB (AM 1550), KQWB (FM-98.7), Detroit Lakes Radio: KDLM (AM- 1200), KBOT (FM-104.1), Fergus Falls Radio: KJJK (FM-96.5) KBRF (AM-1250) KBRF (FM 103.3), KFGO (AM-790), KVOX (FM 99.9).

Bad weather may occur on any one of the non-school days listed that Club Vikes is scheduled to be open. If this happens, please listen to the same radio stations as on a school day. The announcement on these days will be specifically for the Club Vikes program.

Club Vikes reserves the right to cancel care on any day because of bad weather.